Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 7

I was on my way to visit an old ladyboy friend last week before a rainstorm came and ruined that plan. I thought to detail the usual course of events that occur when I visit her anyway, but I will save that for another time since I have something even more entertaining to write about.

I have been in contact with a girl that I last met a few years ago. The circumstances surrounding that last meeting with RM are quite interesting and so I will give you a bit of the background first. It all started with RM’s sister, a ladyboy I originally met through a dating website about 3 years ago. We chatted online for awhile and eventually she invited me over to her place to have some fun.

I remember it was a rainy night and the sister led me through a dark maze of buildings before we finally arrived at a small house far back from the road. We sat down and talked for a minute when another ladyboy came inside and said a quick hello before she moved on into another room. I still can’t remember if that was RM or another sister. I mentioned to sister 1 that I had never met real ladyboy sisters before and she proceeded to show me some photos on a wall of 2 other ladyboy sisters.

I think I was in shock at that point because the 2 sisters I had already met were both very hot and the other 2 looked even hotter. I do realize that Thai girls often use the term “sister” to describe their close friends. That fact puts some doubt in my mind, but having photos of all of them together on a wall makes me a believer in the 4 hot ladyboy sisters legend.

I eventually moved into one of the bedrooms with sister 1 and we had a good time together. The strange thing was that, in the middle of the fun, the other sister came in and retrieved something from the closet before quickly exiting. I was a bit surprised by it, but sister 1 didn’t seem the least bit concerned. That started me to thinking about some sister-sister action.

As luck would have it, I was invited back again a week or so later by sister 1. She mentioned that her other sister was home again and I said I didn’t mind at all. I met with sister 1 and we again retired into one of the bedrooms. At that point she just up and asked me if her sister could join with us and I said…..YES, of course, the more the merrier. She immediately went and got sister 2 (still not sure if that was RM) and I eventually found myself busy at both ends with 2 sexy ladyboy sisters. It was my first threesome and it was incredible.

Now it gets even stranger. About a month later I was chatting with another hot ladyboy who was living in Korat. She seemed open to having some fun and we made plans to meet when she returned to Bangkok to visit her family on the weekend. She said she would get in touch to let me know when and where once she got settled. I wish I had a picture of my face when I got her message spelling out the directions to her place. It was indeed the same house, I was about to meet sister 3!

I made my way over there not knowing what to expect. I knew what I was hoping for, can you say foursome? Sister 3 was waiting for me and we entered the house. My foursome hopes were quickly dashed when sister 1 came out of the bedroom, gave me a dirty look, and left the house. Oh well, I wasn’t too disappointed because sister 3 was actually the hottest one so far. We were alone in the house and we ended up having a great time.

So that’s the background story for this weeks encounter. I still don’t know if RM is sister 2 or sister 3, but she is super sexy no matter. I also don’t know if she remembers that we have met before. She never mentioned it so I wasn’t about to bring it up. We have been chatting for a couple months and we finally found a night to meet. I was relieved when she gave me the address to her place and it wasn’t the same one as before.

She said there was a ladyboy friend visiting at her apartment, but she would be leaving soon and I could come right over. I probably should have said it was no trouble if she stayed, but I kept quiet since I didn’t want to spoil my chances with RM. I made it to her place and RM came downstairs to let me in. Her ladyboy friend was with her and she looked even better than RM. I was kicking myself for not saying something earlier as I sadly watched the friend catch a taxi.

I followed RM upstairs and admired the view from behind her. She is super thin, but has very large implants. She led me into her room and guess who was sitting there at the computer, it was sister 1. Well, it took me a few seconds to get my thoughts together. I wondered if sister 1 recognized me and what she would say if she did. I played it as cool as I possibly could and probably a bit cooler than necessary.

RM made sure the lights were turned down low and she proceeded to help me undress. It was just the two of us on the bed, but she soon asked if it was ok for her sister to join. I’m sure you know my answer and sister 1 was promptly busy touching me while I was busy touching RM. I figured I would just enjoy the moment and let things run their course. I was always the top in my previous meetings with the sisters and so I was pleasantly surprised when RM asked if she could be. I said it was fine and she made her way behind me while I started making myself busy with sister 1.

Let me say this, I had always wondered what it would be like to find myself in the middle of a hot ladyboy sandwich. I even pondered whether it would be physically possible to perform such a task. So you can imagine my delight when RM suggested that her now extremely excited sister should form the other piece of bread to complete the sandwich. Sister 1 was most willing to do so and came to finish only a few seconds after the sandwich was formed. Seeing that happen caused myself to reach the finish line a moment later and the chain reaction was complete when RM followed a few seconds after me.

It has to rank as one of my most favorite ladyboy experiences of all time. Pure ecstasy would be the best way I can describe it. Maybe it was partly due to the fact that I had dreamed of doing that for so long. I suppose the only way to know for sure is to try it again. Hopefully I don’t have to wait so long for the second sandwich.

Ladyboy X had been pleading with me to get together again since our meeting last week. I had to take a couple days after the threesome to recover, but I eventually granted her wishes. She arrived looking very nice in a tight red dress. We made our way to my room and she quickly got herself facedown and naked on my bed.

I guess she was expecting another experience where she could just relax and let me do all the work. That was somewhat of a turnoff for me and I actually wasn’t very motivated to get things going. I gave her a light rubdown and she was thoroughly aroused by it. I did enjoy the view, but for some reason I didn’t share her excitement. I spent a long time getting her ready and I eventually played top until she finished.

I pretended that I finished just to make her happy, but the truth is I was nowhere near that. I’m not sure if the whole threesome deal has caused me to expect more or if I was just off my game that night. Hopefully I will have it figured out by this time next week when I’m preparing another Devin’s Ladyboy Dating article. Until then, please add your comments below.

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3 Responses

  1. spencer says:

    i am very jealous of you devin. i hope to be in a ladyboy sandwich some day, but would be happy with just 1 beautiful ladyboy right now.

    • Devin says:

      No need to be jealous Spencer, one ladyboy is certainly enough as long as she is the right one for you. Hope she comes your way soon.

  2. mojarrad1989 says: