Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 12

I met a lovely new ladyboy here in Bangkok this past week and also spent time with one of my favorite girls JT. The encounter with her left me thinking back on what life was like for me when I was still an easily excitable boy in my early 20’s.

I first ladyboy I saw this week was MO. She is a young, slim, attractive girl that is still studying at a local university. We chatted online for about a week and shared webcams a couple of times too. She looked great and I was excited to get her over to my place. I was a little worried though because MO seemed to be getting serious about dating before we even had the chance to say hello in person. I had to convince her that we should get together and learn more about one another first before we made plans for her to spend the night.

MO eventually saw things my way and I was soon watching her walk towards me at the local BTS station. She had on a nice tight dress and she looked great.  Her face was prettier than I expected and she had beautiful long hair. I told her that I was really happy to see how cute she was in person and invited her back to my room for a drink. She accepted and I quickly led her back to my place.

We sat and talked for awhile after we made it back to my apartment. MO asked me to speak slowly since her English comprehension was still a little slow. We got along just fine though and I could see that she was starting to relax as we sat together on my bed. She eventually moved herself closer to me and I got the hint that she was ready for something more.

I put my arm around her and we shared a few soft kisses. I could tell that she wasn’t the best kisser so I concentrated my efforts on finding a way to get that dress off. MO understood what I was trying to do and helped me achieve my goal. She had on a cute pair of panties under that dress and I could see that she was very excited. She took her turn and undressed me while I checked out her sexy shape. MO had very small breasts, but her slim figure and great ass made her really sexy.

We played with one another for awhile and MO showed off her oral skills. I asked her what she liked the best and she said that she was purely a bottom. I said that was fine and suggested that she start on top of me so that she could control the action. She agreed and I was soon in heaven as I watched MO bouncing around and smiling down at me.

I could see that she was enjoying herself and it was rather obvious from the way her magic stick was hitting my stomach. I was getting close to finishing so I asked MO how I could help her to join me. She told me that she was on hormones and would not be able to finish. I said that was fine and then I happily let myself go until MO had drained the last ounce of life out of me. She seemed satisfied as well, but I feel like I have cheated someone when they don’t get to finish along with me. Maybe I can figure out another way to finish the job for the next time MO comes my way.

The next ladyboy I met was JT and my night with her was really interesting. I have seen JT a few times now and she is always willing to come over when I have time for her. I had to laugh when she showed up at my place with her university outfit on. It was funny to see her in the typical white shirt and dark dress. I was about to have my way with a cute young schoolgirl.

JT was certainly in a good mood and she started to kiss me as soon as I got the door closed. She is still the best kisser I know and we spent a good 10 minutes locking lips before we finally made it over to my bed. We got each other undressed and JT climbed on top of me. We continued kissing and I was also busy feeling my way around that very sexy body of hers while JT continuously rubbed herself against me. And then a funny thing happened.

As you may recall from my previous encounters with JT, she certainly has the potency of a young person. It still took me by surprise though when, in the middle of our kissing, she said “uh-oh” and looked down at her belly. It took me a second to realize what she was reacting to. I reached done and confirmed that JT had indeed finished. I was amused that she got there just from our kissing and a little bit of body contact. She seemed a little embarrassed, but I told her it was perfectly ok and that I actually liked it.

I waited in bed while JT went to clean herself off. I figured that, based on past meetings, she would be ready to go again in a few minutes. I was proven correct when JT came back to bed and started kissing me. It was only a minute and I could already feel that she was excited again. I made my way behind her and prepared for action. I tried to start, but JT said it was too painful. I did my best to convince her otherwise before finally giving up and accepting that I would just have to wait until the next morning.

Things went about the same in the morning. We began to kiss and JT climbed on top of me. I was enjoying the feel of her lovely back section and she was busy rubbing herself on me. We were sharing a nice kiss when JT stopped and once again said “uh-oh” before looking down below. I couldn’t believe it had happened again, but my fingers told me it was true when I put my hand down there and felt the results. JT had done it again.

I could only smile as JT went to clean herself off. I thought back to my early days and tried to remember if kissing and a little touching was ever enough to make me finish. I suppose it was, but I can’t recall it ever happening like it did with JT. My memory search ended quickly once JT came back to bed and decided to graciously finish things off for me with her mouth. I’m looking forward to having her back again soon.

I hope you enjoyed my dating report this week. It made me want to be 21 all over again. As always, please leave your comments below.

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