My Thai Ladyboy Website

My Thai Ladyboy DatingWe have completed the redesign of our My Thai Ladyboy website. We invite everyone to come take a look if you’re not already a member there. We hope you like the updated design and will enjoy the new features we added like the private pictures album.

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4 Responses

  1. Millzmazter2 says:

    One thing I’d mtl to incorporate into the profile process is sexual preferences. Like what the man or ladyboy prefers: top, bottom, versatile and what they prefer in a partner. Also although there aren’t many, there should be a check box for post-op. I bet post-op ladyboys would like to find a partner looking for someone that wants them just the way they are. Still would like to see an internal instant messaging system like Yahoo messenger but without having to leave the site. That would take quite a bit of work but would be a great convenience.

    • Admin says:

      Good points. We have recently added both the “Sexual Preference” and “Pre/Post-op” questions in the appropriate profile question sections. As for the internal messaging – it is possible and we have looked into adding it, but it doesn’t make sense with our current membership policy.

  2. mhikay says:

    i need bf here in site the my thai ladyboy website

  3. filipinoladyboy says:

    I love this site because its very genuine and people are genuine as well, I hope i can find true love in this site… thank you MTLB