Gay, Bi, Tri – What Am I?

I had an encounter with a nice ladyboy last week that left me pondering a subject I’m sure many of you have spent time thinking about as well. It involves a question that each ladyboy admirer needs to answer in their own way. Here is the story of my recent experience and some of my thoughts on the subject.

I had seen H a of couple times prior to my meeting with her last week. She is a decent looking girl with a slim shape and is always anxious to come visit me. I accepted her offer one evening and she was soon waiting outside my apartment complex. She looked nice in her black dress as we said our hellos and then headed up to my room.

We made some small talk and then H proceeded to undress me. I was feeling just fine at that point, but then something odd happened. H began kissing my stomach area and I could feel the stubble from her chin scratching me. It was a total turn-off. I tried to ignore it, but it continued a few more seconds and that’s all it took for me to completely lose interest.

I got out of bed and was thinking of the best way to explain my sudden change of behavior to H. The only words I could come up with were “I’m not sure about this” or something to that effect. I walked around the room and made myself busy with small cleaning projects. All the time I was trying to think of a better way to tell H what was going on. She was still lying there on the bed with a puzzled look upon her face.

A few minutes went by and I still hadn’t addressed the subject. H seemed to come to the understanding that I was done for the night and started to get dressed. I really wanted to say something, but I just didn’t have the words. I knew that those few short moments of stubble scratching had probably permanently ruined any desire I had to be with her. H finished dressing and headed out the door without another word being said between us.

It probably seems rather silly for such a small thing to cause such a big reaction. I had not noticed any stubble visually, but I suppose it had been covered with make-up. I guess it caught me surprise and there was no stopping my brain at that point. It’s not the first time it has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

So how is it that something like stubble can be such a turn-off and yet a penis can still be a turn-on? And where does homosexuality figure in all of this? They are interesting questions that all of us probably contemplate when we first begin dating ladyboys. I know that my own search for answers lasted months and I still have moments where I wonder what my attraction to these women means about me.

I can only base my opinion on what I know about myself. The facts are this:

1. I have been attracted to woman all of my life and still date them.
2. I discovered my attraction to ladyboys around age 30 and have dated them for over 10 years.
3. I have never been attracted to men.

And as you can tell from my meeting with H, I prefer a ladyboy that has very little in common with a man. So where does this leave me? Certainly not gay. Then how about bi-sexual? I don’t think that fits either unless we start breaking it up into 3 sexes. Then I suppose one could be a tri-sexual if they found women, ladyboys and men to their liking.

Perhaps there needs to be a new title for someone like me. And how about you guys that are strictly attracted to ladyboys? I suppose you will need your own name. Or is that what “Admirer” is all about? That doesn’t really sound official enough. There must be something better than that, right? I’m not going to make any suggestions though because I have come to the conclusion that there is no need to put a label on it. I understand what I like and that’s enough for me.

That is the key for all of us, understand what you like and then accept it. Don’t worry about putting a label on it. Think less about being “normal” and take pride in being “special.” It may take you awhile to figure things out in your own way, but the good news is that you will probably never doubt yourself again once you do.

When I first started dating ladyboys it took me months to work through these questions on my own. I look back on it now and I really wish there would have been a website like this one to help me through the process. It could have made things much easier for me. I hope some of you will find this article useful in your own search for answers. And please let me know what you think by adding your comments below.

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5 Responses

  1. amadeus says:

    Your right and there’s lot’s of guys out there who would do the same.
    Even more going further a admirer for first time with a ladyboy after a wonderful night,
    well might have that mixed up feeling or done something wrong feeling in the morning.
    Overcoming this, accepting not gay or other guys means there’s no guilt or label.
    Darn if on first time i encountered chin stubble it would sure change my mind.

  2. louisblackbird says:

    Interesting read. I will write after I’ve been out Ill looking out for stubble after reading this. But some ferang lady’s do have stubble

  3. iggster says:

    This article has really helped. I’m 44 from Australia and recently saw a YouTube clip on Ladyboys. The girls looked so beautiful, stunningly dressed and, to be frank, very sexy. The more I investigated the more my interest peaked. The ladies always seem confident, know what they want and live their lives their way. Sexually, I would have no idea what I would do if I was put in that position, but I would love to take some small steps and meet and get to know and befriend these unique and beautiful ladies.

  4. Angus1991 says:

    Interesting topic I was thinking about it today I have never been with a ladyboy but I do find ladyboys and transsexual women very attractive as the same as natural women in saying this I find all the women attracted whether they are transsexual woman or natural women this is my own opinion on the matter on being attracted to transsexual women then being gay or bisexual I had watch a lot of YouTube stuff on this topic and I kind of agree with it beautiful transsexual woman from find my blokes like us who find transsexual women attracted should go and check it out and come up with their own opinion on the topic as for me I find all types of women attracted I am not attracted to men nor have I ever had been I think my attraction to transsexual women come from the fax they look like women some transsexual women are a lot more attractive than some natural women so there I come to the conclusion I am heterosexual little bit bent when it come to transsexual women this is my preference when it come to my ladyboy partner if she has a penis or not I prefer if she didn’t I don’t find penis attracted but in saying that if I was really into a girl I would probably get over it but I would like it if she didn’t have it

  5. roselklien says:

    Transsexual/Ladyboy whatever label one prefers to use they like us are all human like all of us are and we need to accept that every person has there own sexuality which evolves over the years with life experience.I don’t think any man should get too hung up with labels…gay fag whatever…I enjoy the company of “ladyboys” as much as a real woman …but penis or vagina they both turn me on and I have never thought of my self as homosexual … !