Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 13

I thought it would be best to combine the past couple weeks of dating into this article since I was only able to meet 1 labyboy the prior week. I actually saw her a couple times that week and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind spending every night with her.

I met AN online a few weeks ago and we made plans to say hello in person when she came to Bangkok. She lives in the northeastern part of Thailand, but she makes it into the big city every couple months. I was happy to get a message from her letting me know that she had arrived safely in Bangkok and would be around for a few days. I asked when she would be free and she promptly invited me to come over and visit her at the hotel. I was very eager to see her so I quickly got ready and rushed out to the door as fast as I could.

I knew AN looked great in the pics I saw of her, but I always worry that the real girl will be far less attractive. That didn’t keep me from getting excited though as I practically ran down the street looking for her hotel. I found it easily enough and made my way up to her room. AN opened the door and a big smile must have spread all the way across my face. She looked amazing and was extremely sexy. All she wore was a white towel wrapped around her waist. The only thing hiding a pair of perfect breasts was her long black hair. I was in heaven.

AN let me in and we made our way over to the bed where we sat down and began to chat. She told me about her life back in the countryside and I pretended to listen. She spoke excellent English and sounded intelligent, but all I could think about was how good she looked. She had an incredible body, beautiful long hair, a great smile and a pretty face. She also had very nice dark skin. I don’t mind dark or white as long as it’s clean and smooth like hers. There was only one thing left to check out before I could label her a “perfect” ladyboy.

I decided it was time to use my favorite “I have sore muscles from working out and could use a massage” line. It worked nicely as AN said she would be happy to put her hands on me. I volunteered to remove my clothes for the massage and she had no problem with that. I was soon lying on my stomach while AN straddled my back and worked her fingers up and down my body. I started to feel something poking me through the towel she was wearing and I asked her what it could be. She laughed and said she had no idea.

The hand massage eventually turned into a tongue massage and AN was not shy with where she put it. We took turns tongue massaging one another and I found nothing to keep me for calling her perfect. She was a decent size and had a delicious looking ass. She also was happy going both ways and took her turn on top to start. AN must have been even more excited than I was because it wasn’t long before she finished. She said she tried to hold it, but it just felt too good.

AN asked if I wanted to finish on top of her and I said yes. She immediately assumed the position and I enjoyed myself for a few minutes before joining her at the finish line. I was really impressed with how AN made sure I was completely satisfied even after she had beaten me to the finish. It was one of those encounters that I will think back on for a long time.

As you can imagine, I was anxious to see AN again before she had to go back home. She had other things to take care of, but we did manage to get together one more time. The second meeting was similar to our first one and left me wishing that she could stay in Bangkok permanently. She promised to be back soon, but I might not be able to wait. I have a feeling that, in the very near future, I will be reporting on a trip I took to northeastern Thailand.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how fun it was to have a young girl like JT over, but this time my report is much different. It was a warm and humid the night JT came to see me. I saw her walking towards my complex in her school uniform and I was excited to see her again. As she came closer I could see that her face was covered in sweat. I said we should get upstairs and into the air conditioning.

I let JT in the door and she started kissing me as soon as I locked it behind me. I thought that was great the last time, but this time I didn’t appreciate the fact that she was still hot and sticky. She also had bad breath from the dinner she had just finished. I kissed her a bit before asking her to jump in the shower and get cleaned up. She said she didn’t want to and pulled me over to the bed. I went along as she continued to kiss me and take things along our normal path.

After a few minutes I couldn’t stand it anymore. JT was just way too sticky and dirty. I demanded that she get cleaned up before we went any further, but she resisted. I said that I wasn’t going to touch her until she did so and she eventually gave in. So off she went with towel and toothbrush in hand. I waited for her on the bed and was hoping that things would be much better when she returned.

JT came back to bed wearing only my t-shirt and we started to kiss again. Unfortunately, the bad breath was still there. I tried my best to avoid the kissing part and move right along to second base. JT was still stuck on first so we sort of came to a standstill. I wasn’t interested in what she wanted and she wasn’t into my desires. We ended up just lying there and falling asleep.

I figured things would start up again in the morning like they usually do, but I found myself uninterested when I awoke. JT took her usual long time to get out of bed and I made myself busy until she did. I stayed away from her and she eventually got her stuff together and headed out. There was nothing bad between us, just a night where things didn’t work it. We kissed goodbye and I will probably see her again once my memory of this latest encounter begins to fade.

The next ladyboy I met was a new girl named EL. I had contacted her a few months ago, but we didn’t keep in touch. I saw her online again one afternoon and said hello. We chatted for awhile and she promised to invite me over to her place when she had time for me. Luckily for me the time came a few hours later and I got a message telling me where to find her. I made my way over to her place not knowing what to expect.

I called to EL when I got close and she explained how to find her room. She was waiting for me as I walked down the hallway and I could tell she was happy to see me. She was quite tall and had a slim body with large implants. She also had a nice smile and a cute face. EL let me inside and we took a seat on her bed.

We talked for awhile and EL moved closer to me. She began feeling her way around my body and giving me soft kisses along my neck. She asked me to take off my shirt and continued to kiss my body. I put my hands on her legs slowly moved them up her dress. I could feel that she was already excited and she seemed to be quite big. EL took control and removed my pants before climbing on top of me.

EL then lifted up her dress and I could see that there was something big wrapped around inside her panties. I reached in and freed the snake from its cage. It was the largest one I have seen in quite some time. I told her that it was impressive and she let me take a closer look. She took a closer look at mine as well and then admired my backside for awhile. She was ready to go and I knew she would want to be on top.

EL got behind me and I prepared to take on that monster she was holding. She must have liked what she saw because after about 2 seconds she stepped back and I could see that her condom was filling up with white stuff. I was surprised, but also relieved. EL said she was really excited and couldn’t stop herself. I replied that it was ok and I would give her a chance to try it again very soon. She cleaned herself up and then let me have a look at her sexy ass until I finished. A part of me is looking forward to seeing EL again and another part of me is not.

I did have another meeting with a new ladyboy, but there isn’t much to report. I went over to her place, said hello and then chatted for awhile. She was average looking and had a big body so I did not find her attractive at all. We had a pleasant conversation and then parted ways. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Thanks for reading my latest article and please feel free to add your comments below.

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