Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 10

I was supposed to be writing about some new ladyboys this week, but my planned trip to the beach was delayed again. The good news is that the schedule change allowed me to spend time with three nice girls here in Bangkok.

The first ladyboy I met was H. I have a seen her a couple times before and she is always messaging me with a request to come over. I felt like I owed her another meeting after I finished early during our last encounter. She was looking her normal slim and sexy self when she arrived and we got right down to business. It went pretty much like our previous meetings, but this time I made sure to wait until H was done before I finished.

The next ladyboy I saw was HP. It was our second meeting and the first time she had visited my place. She kept reminding me that it was my turn to host and I had given her an open invitation. She called me from a party and sounded a little tipsy. I could tell she was horny and told her to get over to my place right away.

HP also has a slim and sexy shape and our encounter was very similar to the one I had with H. Although I would say that this one was more fun and creative thanks to the fact that HP was a bit drunk. I’m hoping she will keep our alternating schedule going and invite me back over to her place soon.

My third ladyboy meeting makes for a fairly amusing story. It’s something that hasn’t happened to me before. I made contact with a tall and pretty ladyboy online and we decided to share a video chat. BL looked very attractive and had a sweet voice. We talked for awhile and then she told me that we had actually met about a year ago. I looked at her closely, but I honestly couldn’t recall ever seeing her before.

I told BL that she might have me confused with someone else and I asked her where we met. She then proceeded to tell me a very detailed account that included meeting at a coffee shop, buying wine at a grocery store, grabbing a taxi back to my place, having some fun together and promising to meet again. I was shocked. I didn’t remember a single detail of that night. I know I have dated plenty of ladyboys, but I never thought I could completely forget someone before. I still thought it might all be some sort of mistake. I apologized for not remembering her and BL seemed fine with it, but then she hit me with another revelation.

A couple weeks ago I was taking a walk in a park when I saw a good looking ladyboy walking past with another average looking girl at her side. I smiled and winked and then received a wink in return. It was an interesting little exchange and I was looking around to see if I could find that ladyboy again when my walk took me back through that same area. I was disappointed when I spotted her walking hand in hand with an older guy.

I had actually forgotten about that encounter too until BL brought it to my attention. That winking ladyboy, yes it was her. What a weird set of circumstances. I was looking at her clear as day on the webcam and I hadn’t recognized her at all. I can understand forgetting a face now and then, but forgetting a whole evening (especially one that sounded really fun when BL described it to me) is too much. I tried for the longest time to recall our first meeting, but I drew a complete blank.

BL was very forgiving and suggested that we have our own walk in the park the following day. She explained that the guy I saw her with was now her ex-boyfriend after she caught him cheating with another ladyboy. I thought it was a great idea and we set a time and place to meet before saying our goodbyes over the webcam.

I was happy to see BL smiling as she came walking my way the next day. She looked great, tall and slim with a pretty face. We said hello and then we took a leisurely stroll through the park. BL told me that she knew we were both just looking for some fun the first time we met, but that she was getting a little more serious about having a relationship now. I was hoping that didn’t mean she couldn’t have any fun until she found a real boyfriend again.

I wasn’t sure what to say when our walk was coming to an end and we were approaching a drop-off point. BL asked me what I was going to do next and I told her that I would probably just head back to my room and relax until dinner time. I was delighted when she asked if she could come with me. Of course I said yes and we quickly grabbed a taxi.

Little did I know that there was another surprise in store for me. When we reached my place BL looked like she saw a ghost. She said there was no way that this could be where I lived. I assured her it was and she then told me that this was the same place her ex-boyfriend lived. Luckily he had already left for a trip back to his home country and we wouldn’t have to worry about any awkward meetings.

We made our way up to my room and I asked BL if there was anything more she could do to remind me what it was like the last time we were alone together. She knew exactly what I meant and we were soon jumping in the shower together. I enjoyed getting her clean all over and she did the same for me. We dried off and then joined each other on my bed for some very pleasurable oral action.

BL told me that she was a bottom and the last time we were together I had gone too fast. I said that I would be sure to take it nice and slow this time. I did exactly as she requested and we were both soon enjoying a wonderful finish together. I still have no idea what the first time was like, but this second time around sure was nice. BL congratulated me on a job well done and I’m very confident I will be seeing her again very soon.

Hopefully my planned trip will finally go off as scheduled this week and I will be able to meet a couple ladyboys from outside of Bangkok. I will also try to change my style of writing a little bit in future articles so that I can start to offer more advice about how I have been successful in meeting and dating so many beautiful ladyboys. As always, please let me know what you think by adding your comments below.

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