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In 2014 we will be starting our 7th year of bringing together ladyboys and their admirers. Over 40,000 members have passed through our website over the past 6 years and many of them were able to find the love of their life. We are very proud of what we have accomplished on My Thai Ladyboy and we look forward to many more years of success.

We would like to address a few questions concerning our membership policy.  For more details please visit our FAQ page at

The process we use on MTL is to grant each new applicant a Free membership for 6 months. When the members profile is nearing expiration we will review it to see if they have recently been active on our site. If the profile has been accessed within the prior 3 months we will renew the membership for an additional 6 months. If the profile has not been active for over 3 months we will change the membership status to “Inactive” and we will notify the member by email that their profile will be deleted in a week unless they become active again.

If an inactive profile becomes active again we will grant the member another 6 month Free membership. If the profile remains inactive we will delete it from our database. Any former member is welcome to create a new profile if their original one was deleted.

It is important to note that our policy is not normal when it comes to dating sites since the deletion of profiles reduces our membership numbers. Most sites want to make it appear that they have more active members than they actually have and some even create fake profiles to boost their numbers. Our preference is to maintain a website that is completely honest and so we will continue to follow our current policy. But we have to admit that it sure would be nice to show 40,000+ members on our site.

Another question we often receive is concerning profiles on our site that are ladyboys offering a massage or escort service. Initially we deleted these types of profiles completely when they were submitted for approval. This policy led to some of those members creating new profiles that did not state their true intention. Other members would then contact them only to learn that they were actually looking to find customers for their business.

We decided the best way to deal with this issue was to let the members state true intentions without fear of having their profile deleted. Our feeling is that it is best for our members to know what another member is looking for and then they can choose whether or not they want to have contact with them.

We always enjoy hearing from our members and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. A big thanks to all of our members and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014.

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