We have Launched!

We are happy to announce that we have now officially launched Dating-Ladyboys.com. This website has been in our plans since soon after we created MyThaiLadyboy.com over 4 years ago and we are excited to finally get things started. We promise to bring you a steady stream of content on every subject we can think of that relates to ladyboy dating.

After opening MTL in 2008, we began to understand that ladyboys still remained somewhat of a mystery for many men around the world. We also realized that our personal dating experience was quite unique and so we started planning for a site where we could share our knowledge and advice with others who admired ladyboys as much as we did. It’s been way too long in the making, but Dating-Ladyboys.com has finally arrived.

Our style will be simple, straightforward and honest. All topics will be open for discussion and will be handled with respect. Our goal is to provide a site that will both entertain and inform our visitors by providing real world experiences and sharing genuine opinions. Please note that we will not directly cover any topics concerning ladyboy escorts or bars, but some content will be related and other matters will also deal with important sexual issues.

We have plenty to write about, but what we really need is your feedback. Your participation is what will make this site grow and improve. We ask that you please take just a few seconds to register a username, email and password. This will allow you to add your comments to all of the articles and stories we post. And just like MTL, it’s free to sign-up and we will never send you email unless you request it.

We also welcome you to submit your own content about dating ladyboys. Quality material could earn you a premium membership on MyThaiLadyboy.com. Our friend Devin has already started reporting for us and we would love to have more of you contribute. Just contact us with your ideas and we will let you know what we think.

We hope you enjoy the new website and we look forward to hearing from everyone.

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