Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 11

I finally made it to the beach this past week, but only got the chance to meet 1 new ladyboy there. I also saw a couple girls here in Bangkok before I left and one of those meetings has inspired me to write about an interesting topic that I will release in a separate article.

The first ladyboy I saw was M. I have written about her several times over the past few months and this encounter was quite similar to the others. She gave me a nice massage that was followed by our usual fun. It goes well with M when I keep our meetings a couple weeks apart. She is always asking to come over, but I know that I will get bored if she is visits here too often.

The next ladyboy I met was H. She has been here a few times, but this time things went a bit differently. I will write about this encounter in a separate article.

The last girl I saw was KD. I had been chatting with her for quite awhile and she was anxiously waiting for me to make it to the beach. KD is a Filipina living here in Thailand with her sister. We had shared webcams a few times and she appeared to be pretty cute. I was looking forward to seeing just how hot she was in person and I got in touch with her as soon as I arrived. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and we had to postpone our meeting for a couple days.

We kept in touch and there was finally a time when the rain was less and KD had time to come my way. We made plans to meet outside my hotel at a nearby convenience store and she soon sent me a message that she had arrived. I walked outside and approached the store. I noticed a short girl standing in front and facing away from me, but I didn’t think that KD could possibly be that small. I went inside to look around and saw nobody else that fit the description. I figured the girl out front must have been her and headed for the front door.

I got to the door and I could see KD smiling at me. I went outside and told her that I didn’t expect her to be so small. She looked really good and her petite shape was a big turn-on for me. We headed up to my room as KD had told me she only had a short time before she needed to head somewhere else. She made me laugh with her comments about getting it over with quickly.

She wasted no time and started kissing me as soon as we reached the bed. While she was busy taking off both of our clothes and I noticed that her size matched the rest of her body, small and cute. KD was worried that I might be too big so I told her that she could start by sitting on top of me and controlling the action. She agreed and we began very slowly.

She was complaining that it was painful so I told her she should get it over quickly and finish. KD replied that she wanted to, but she was saving it for her boyfriend. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. I said that she was still young and should have enough left over for him. She was getting close, but eventually gave up and said that she really did need to save it for the boyfriend she was supposed to be meeting in 30 minutes. I assumed there was some truth to what she was saying so I told her to get on all fours and I would finish her from behind. It didn’t take me long as the view from back there was really nice.

I’m still not sure how much of what KD said was true. It wouldn’t bother me if she had a boyfriend and the idea that she might actually made things kind of fun. She went on to say that her boyfriend is a bottom and that she really wants to get with a guy who could top her like I did. She also says that she will be up in Bangkok soon and wants to try it with me again. I’m hoping at least that last part is true.

I wish the weather at the beach would have been nicer. I ended up spending more time inside than outside. The good news is that it offered me a chance to make contact online with some new ladyboys and I have plans to meet them here in Bangkok soon. Make sure to keep an eye out for the additional article I will be writing about my encounter with H. And as always, please feel free to add your comments below.

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