Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 5

Admin note: Devin originally wrote this in late May, 2012.

This week I managed to meet 2 new girls here in Bangkok. It’s becoming quite difficult to find the time in my schedule between work and seeing my new girlfriend, but I always seem to satisfy my ladyboy addiction one way or another.

The first ladyboy I met soon after I first contacted her on MTL this week. Apparently TM had just joined the site and her photos caught my attention. She looked very sexy and her profile was written in a way that made me think she was open to having some fun. We exchanged a few emails and TM invited me over to her place to say hello in person.

There is always a bit of excitement when the first meeting involves visiting a place in the city I have never been to before. I guess there is a sense of adventure too and it makes the experience much more fun for me. The feeling keeps building as I get closer and closer to my destination, but I have to be careful since the motorcycle taxi seats here are quite small and I don’t want the driver to discover my excitement poking him in the back.

I was soon wandering through a maze of apartment buildings and calling TM for some direction. I found my way to the elevators and up to her room. TM let me in and I was delighted to see that she was indeed a sexy looking girl. She had a nice face and a slim body with large implants. The room was small and clean and I was soon sitting on the couch sipping from a cold bottle of water. We made small talk and TM told me a little bit about her background and love life.  I was happy to hear that she was currently single and open minded about relationships.

It became clear that we were attracted to one another and TM asked me to make myself comfortable on the bed next to her. She mentioned that she is usually the aggressive one and I told her that was fine with me. We began to kiss and TM stripped off my clothes and then hers. She asked if she could start on top and finish on bottom and I said I was all for that. TM was quite imaginative and very good in both roles. We had a great time and left things open for another meeting in the future.

The second ladyboy I met was a beautiful 20 year old that I had been in contact with for over a month. I had planned to meet JT before I went on my last trip, but we just couldn’t seem to match our schedules. I knew from the moment she came walking down my street that it was well worth the wait to see her.

JT was really cute and had a very feminine look and figure. She reminded me a lot of a lovely girl I used to date from her hometown in northeastern Thailand. We said our hellos and I asked JT to come up to my room for a cold drink. I soon found myself sitting on the bed next to JT and admiring her beauty. She had an amazing profile and perfect lips that I so wanted to kiss. JT was a bit shy and seemed quite nervous so I did my best to make her feel comfortable.

It started with a kiss, a really nice and soft one. I wondered how such a young ladyboy could be such a good kisser. We kissed again and then I got a strange feeling. Strange because normally at this point it becomes quite obvious that clothes are about to come off and naughty things will follow. JT didn’t seem like she was convinced of that yet and I quickly realized that I might need to shake the rust off of my romancing skills. I think JT was just nervous and things started to head in a familiar direction after a little more cuddling and kissing.

JT had a wonderful shape. She stated the she had been using hormones for 2 years and I can honestly say that she had the best “natural” breasts of any ladyboy I have ever had the fortune to see naked. JT was strictly a bottom, but functioned perfectly and was able to finish simply by having me on top. That is a very big turn-on for me. Unfortunately, she finished before I did and asked me to stop. I understood and granted her request. I was perfectly happy with the whole experience and couldn’t wait to be with JT again.

Little did I know that the next time would come about 10 minutes later after JT had finished cleaning up and gotten dressed. We were sharing some sweet goodbyes when I noticed her kisses becoming a little more passionate. I reached down and was shocked to discover that JT was indeed ready for action again. I wasted no time in getting her back to the bed and we were soon finishing together in perfect harmony. I can’t remember what I was like at 20 years old, but it was highly impressive to see a performance like that.

JT ended up staying the night and we repeated our dance in the morning. I had an amazing time and we have kept in touch so I expect to be writing about JT again soon. As you can see by the 2 girls I met this week, there are some great ladyboys out there. I hope to write about a few more of them in the near future and until then, please add your comments below.

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