Devin’s Ladyboy Dating 6

Admin note: Devin originally wrote this in early June, 2012.

It was another fine week here in Bangkok. Things started off nicely when I got a surprising text message from X, a nice looking ladyboy that I first met 2 months ago. You might remember from one of my first articles that she is part of the hi-so crowd and I had to pass up the opportunity to be alone with her on our first date because I was afraid she wouldn’t find my apartment to be opulent enough for her.

I hadn’t heard from X since we messaged each other a week or so after our original meeting so you can imagine my delight when I looked down at my phone and read her horny sounding text. I think it said something like “hey what are you doing, how about we get something to eat and then have some fun.” I’m sure I had a big smile on my face, but I soon realized that I’m still staying at the same apartment that she frowned upon before. I texted her back to let her know that I was free and I warned her that I was now staying at a new place “temporarily” until a room at my previous location became available. She seemed fine with that and we made a date for that evening.

X was late again just as she had been to our first date, but I was wise enough to wait at home until she let me know she was close. She arrived at the restaurant looking good in some fancy designer dress. Our server certainly was impressed and had to tell her how beautiful she was. I still found her attractive, but will probably never get over the fact that her profile pics look so much better.

We had our dinner and capped it off with some dessert at a nearby café. We talked about business and politics, but never really mentioned what we were expecting to happen once dessert was finished. I figured I would just start walking back to my room and hopefully she would be following close behind. Thankfully that’s exactly what happened and soon we were walking down the hallways of my complex and joking about how poorly decorated the whole place was.

I have to say that I’m perfectly happy with my apartment. It’s not a 5 star hotel, but it’s safe and clean and not too expensive. But on this night I had to pretend that it was simply a place that was bearable to live in for a short time until a more respectable place came along. And I was happy to do that as long I got to see that designer dress come off.

X began to tell me how it had been such a long time since a man had even touched her. I could tell she was primed for action and so I started to run my fingers along her neck and shoulders. I eventually figured out how to slip off her dress and I was soon admiring her large implants. She did have a decent body, but I was disappointed again because the live version was not as good as the electronic version.

I positioned myself behind X on the bed and proceeded to softly touch her up and down her body. I could tell she loved it and I was enjoying the process of inspecting every last inch of her naked body. X let me know by her posture that she was a bottom girl and I happily took over as the top. I went slowly for her and she kept telling me how great I felt. It was quite a long time before I finished and then I helped X take care of her things on her end.

I spent several more minutes in bed softly touching her body. It was one of the more erotic experiences I have had lately and I know that X found it to be completely satisfying. We have been exchanging messages since then and I expect to be seeing her again very soon.

A couple nights later I invited JT to come over again. She gladly accepted and made her way to my place. She was looking just as cute as the first time I saw her and it wasn’t long before I was being reminded of how great a kisser JT was. I really like her soft lips and the way she tries to act shy. Unfortunately for me, JT didn’t feel comfortable that night when I started exploring certain areas of her very sexy body. I told her it was ok and she rewarded me by finishing things off with that wonderful mouth of hers.

I have a great time with JT, but it seems that she always expects to stay overnight and ends up sleeping way too long. I will have to find a way to change that habit because I really don’t want to be without her kisses for too long.

The last ladyboy I met this week was CT. I had last seen her a couple weeks ago and was looking forward to having her over again. We keep in touch online and always plan to get together when a free night comes along for both of us. She arrived looking tall, slim and beautiful.

CT is also a great kisser and I couldn’t help going for her lips as soon as we made it to my room. We started to strip each other down and then CT insisted that we take a shower together before things got too far along. We took turns making sure the other person was perfectly clean from head to toe and then made our way back to the bed.

CT decided she wanted to try being a top and I complied. I’m not sure how long it had been since CT had last had sex, but I was surprised when she alerted me that she was going to finish. It had only been about 30 seconds and, sure enough, she popped. I wasn’t sure what to say and then CT assured me that I just needed to wait a few minutes and she would be ready again.

I wouldn’t say that she was “ready” again in a few minutes, but she did come back and play bottom for me until I was done. It was a sweet thing for her to do because I know she was just doing it to make me happy. I feel very lucky to have a connection with someone like CT.

How is it that I get so lucky? I will ponder that later because right now I have an old ladyboy friend waiting for me to come visit her. Until next time, tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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