Dating-Ladyboys Mailbag 1

We thought it might be a good idea to post an article every once in awhile that addresses some of the emails we receive from you. We welcome all of your questions and suggestions and we appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

This question is from Patrize:

I’ve been in this site for a very long time and also to the other ladyboy sites searching for the right person and still I found it really hard to find the right person, could you give some hint how to find the right one or when I can find the right one for me…hope you could able to answer my questions, thank you and best regards. 🙂

Thanks for your question Patrize. We know it’s difficult to find the right person, but we do hear fairly often from MyThaiLadyboy members who have met someone special through our dating website. It just takes some perseverance and a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt either. So just be patient, keep trying and hopefully the right person comes your way soon.

This suggestion from David:

Although pictures are nice, I wish MTL would encourage users to fill out their profiles more thoroughly. It would help to be able to search more efficiently and more information would help break the ice. Finding common interests and personality quirks are important in trying to make a connection with someone. I am more likely to want to message someone less attractive that put forth effort in their profile, than a knock out that doesn’t try at all. Someone who is open and wants people to know them says that they are someone that wants a successful relationship. I want a relationship with a person I can live with not a pretty picture. A chat room for getting to know people casually in a public chat or more discreet in a private chat incorporated into the site would be nice too rather than relying on other sites like ym. Thanks.

Excellent points David. We agree 100%. We will try to add some encouraging words to the profile section in order to elicit more details from our members. We also plan to add a new chat feature in our next software upgrade.

We also want to mention a very detailed story we received from Phil. It sounds like he had himself one hell of a ladyboy adventure in Hatyai. He experienced such an incredible night that even our friend Devin is jealous. We do appreciate the time it took to write to us and we would love to print the whole story here, but it’s just a bit too graphic for our site. If anyone wants all the details you can request a copy from us via our contact page.

That’s all for this addition of the Dating-Ladyboys Mailbag. Please keep sending us your questions, suggestions and stories.

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